Custom Solutions

Virtual Fitting
Face detection
BeOnQ app


  • Application development
  • Computer vision
  • Front- & back-end development
  • API development
  • Cloud integration
  • Account management
  • Analytics
  • Security


  • Platform: Common Linux distribution packages (Raspbian, Yocto, Ångström, Android) and RTOS
  • Applications: Java, C/C++, C#/.NET, Objective-C, Swift/Swift2, HTML5, Qt/QML, Xamarin, OpenGL
  • Cloud: Java, Ruby on Rails, Python, Bootstrap, Golang, HTML5, xHTML, CSS3, MySQL, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery


  • Virtual Fitting mirror for sunglasses – a complete system to browse and try on sunglasses using face detection and augmented reality, available on Tallink vessels (Megastar, Star, Victoria)
  • Cloud system for managing firmware updates and reporting field errors for an undisclosed customer